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Mobile Notary services in Modesto and surrounding areas.

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​My Express Notary

​Mobile Notary services within Stanislaus and San Joaquin County. My Express Notary provides customers and potential customers with a personalized approach to personal and professional notary public and mobile notary services in the Modesto area and surrounding areas.
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​My Express Notary provides customers and potential customers with a personalized approach to personal and professional notary public and mobile notary services in the Modesto area and surrounding areas. I meet your expectations, as I am proud of the quality of workmanship that I provide to my clients. If you want the process of having a notary public when and where you need one, consider using my mobile notary public service. I provide several mobile general notarization service and loan signing services, including:
  • Mobile Notary Public – Document Notarization
  • Mobile Loan Signing – Home Equity Lines and Refinances – Residential Purchases
  • Mobile Loan Signing – Refinances – Commercial Purchases
  • Mobile Loan Signing – Reverse Mortgages
  • E-Documents
  • Seller Signings
  • Arranged or Last-Minute Appointments
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off

 Because of my reputation for giving clients the individual attention they deserve, My Express Notary is the top mobile notary company in the counties of San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties. I pay close attention to details, and I work endlessly to review all the essential documentation to deliver notary as fast as possible. I have 15 years of experience in notary public, and I’m proud of my rapid response time to my clients’ needs. I offer mobile notary to a number of cities within San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties , such as:

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​My Express Notary Services & More

When selecting a “top notary public near me,” it is crucial to utilize a professional who can do the job correctly to avoid any costly errors. My Express Notary is San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties mobile notary public service provider. Even though I have been offering mobile notary service for many years, my business is small enough to give you the individualized service that you warrant. I have assisted hundreds of clients in getting their documents notarized in a vast number of locations. Whether you need me to come to a hospital or it’s more convenient to meet you at a nearby Starbucks, I am there for you.

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You will find my notary public service to be fast, friendly, and affordable.

I can meet you anywhere in the San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties area. Instead of you traveling around the Valley looking for a notary public, I bring my mobile notary service to you. I am committed to helping businesses and individuals attain perfection in their business transactions with a mobile notary.

In addition, I accept many forms of payment, including credit and debit cards at our meeting by using a portable debit/credit card processing machine. For escrow, businesses, and titles, I can provide an invoice.

Forms of payment:

Cash, PayPal, Venmo & Zelle

During my phone call or consultation with you, I will partner with you to decide what your notary needs are and I utilize the notary service that will bring you the necessary outcome. When you need a professional notary public ASAP, reach out to My Express Notary.

Mobile notary public by me is centered in three values: year-round client support, top notch mobile notary service, and competitive San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties mobile notary rates. Regardless if you are a huge corporation or an individual who needs a notary, I guarantee you get incredible service for your money. At my company, providing my clients with outstanding client service is my main concern. This is the #1 reason I am the top mobile notary public in the San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties areas. 
Economical mobile notary fees let everyone in the areas of San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties get notary that conforms with all pertinent laws and regulations. I realize that effective notary public can reduce future issues. My mobile notary helps you by offering short or long-term notary, regardless if you need me for a few hours or a few weeks.
As an experienced California notary agent, I am knowledgeable in the latest state, federal, and local legislation and other changes pertaining to notarization and I know how they can concern you. Furthermore, I am consistently staying abreast of the latest rules and regulations in the notary process. I bring you Modesto mobile notary services for any international or domestic paperwork, lessening the time and money usually associated with getting forms and documents notarized.  
My solid reputation in the San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties area for high-quality mobile notary services is why I have repeat clients calling me for a mobile notary public. My dedication to exceptional client service is what makes me the best when it comes to mobile notary services. Whether you need assistance in notarizing health documents or character references for your adoption, come to My Express Notary.
If your business doesn’t have a notary public, I can come in and deliver notary for your crucial documents, whether you require a notary right away or on a set daily-weekly-monthly schedule. For just a couple of hours for a couple of days a week, I will come to your business and give notary service. Moreover, if you need notarized documents sent FedEx, fax, or USPS, I can manage that for you as well. 
When you use my notary public services, you will find that I follow a code of ethics that maintains the personal information of you or your business securely and confidentially. I know that my company depends on precise appropriate handling of your important documents. As your notary agent, whether you hire me to serve on call or on a schedule, I understand how to get the work done and get it done correctly. I take pride in delivering precise notary public services to many San Joaquin and Stanislaus County corporations.
What sets me apart from other San Joaquin and Stanislaus County  mobile notary public service providers is that I am available to my clients anytime they need me. Constant communication with you is my priority at all times. With My Express Notary, you can run your business, while I handle your notary needs. Business effectiveness is vital to business growth and it begins with making sure that all documents have their essential requirements. Complete and correct documents will save you time and money in the long run.

What Our Customers Say

Read a few of our client’s reviews. Our customers are what makes us
In town on a job when my bank called me and said I had to resign documents in front of a notary. I looked up Notaries in Modesto and found My Express Notary. Kathryn was able to accommodate my hectic work day as well as she printed out the documents from the bank for me. She was professional and a very sweet woman. Thank you for all your help, my loan would not have funded on time if it was not for you.
Kathryn Ramos (who does business as My Express Notary) is amazing and I can't recommend her highly enough. My wife and I were surprised by the number of documents (150!) that we needed to have notarized for a remote real estate closing. They had to be executed that day (or night) and overnighted back the next day. How to get this done? I called Kathryn and, even though she was tied up with a family medical emergency and could not do this herself, she took the time to tell me how to find the right person, went over fees (very much appreciated), and in general was just super. If you have need of a mobile notary or signing agent (something I hadn't heard of until she told me), use Kathryn. You'll be glad you did.
Martin Hellman
Was in town doing a job for a client when my wife called me and said that she needed some documents filled out, notarized and put in the mail by morning. I am not even from this area and was not sure how to proceed. I called Kathryn and man she was great...she jumped into action and made it happen for me within two hours of me calling her. My husband was happy that I got the documents she needed out in the mail first thing in the morning and I was able to get on with my job on time. Thank you Kathryn for spring to our aid!
Lisa Renee

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My Express Notary

​My Express Notary provides customers and potential customers with a personalized approach to personal and professional notary public and mobile notary services in the Modesto area and surrounding areas.